Paula always does an exceptional job, each time we work together. She is very knowledgable, eager, and independent, with a great sense of humor. Her proficiency, experience and intelligence makes her view solutions instead of problems. I have never met anyone that knows more about SEO or PPC than her, and I doubt I ever will.

Warren Baskin
Web Development Engineer at Amazon



pabloAre you a familiar with the legend of King Arthur? Sure you are. How about Kermit the Frog? Of course. But do you know the Muffin Man? Do you really? Joking aside, I’ve seen firsthand the effects Paula has on search engines, and the powers she wields is formidable. She understands how to increase site visibility and traffic through SEO & SEM, as well as how to parse away detrimental information from prying eyes via smart meta-data & linking. Paula first onboarded me into meta-data, analytics, and several other tools. She was a strong & dependable asset to have on our team, and she will continue to be wherever her future takes her. I am positive if Paula put her mind to it she could get the whole world to know who the Muffin Man is.

Pablo Mojica
Online Marketing at TUI Marine


Paula is an extremely hard worker. She takes full ownership of the projects she is involved in and is passionate about the work that she puts out on a daily basis. Paula is always eager to take on new types of work, even in areas where she has had little to no experience, and has the ability to self-start in these situations and learn from research and experience. She comes fully recommended.

Jay Neves
Chief Operating Officer at First Beat Media, Inc.


kimPaula is one of the few SEO experts I’ve met who truly grasps the concept of digital marketing – this concept being that in the end, increased revenue is what matters. As a manager, every internal decision Paula makes is on the best behalf of our clients. As a co-worker, Paula is someone who I have complete confidence in her knowledge and execution who can be depended on in any situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Paula for SEO work from designing a strategy through execution.

Kim Figor
Director of Online Marketing at LocalDirective.com


bryanPaula was a dedicated worker who took pride in the work she did while working with me. She successfully released ecommerce sites as well as a batch of niche social sites and treated each project as her own. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Bryan Taylor
Owner, Online Sports Management


erinI can not recommend Paula highly enough! Working with Paula on search engine optimization and web standards is like a breath of fresh air. Paula doesn’t just do things for her clients and customers; she educates and guides them in the right direction, referencing up-to-date best practices, communicating changes and the efforts she’s made to help her clients gain SEO/SEM visibility. For me, this is a huge difference in an industry that can be murky on transparency. If you’re looking to ensure that the goals of the company and optimization efforts dovetail nicely together to achieve maximum potential, then work with Paula!

Erin Desman
Digital Marketing Manager

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