Florida Web Site Hosting

A fabulous site needs reliable web site hosting. Otherwise, your site may remain a closely guarded secret. P. Jacobs understands the importance of internet hosting and offers it as an additional service to their new and existing customers.


Features included on all domain names

$9.99/month or $100/annually
$25 One Time Set Up Fee

Setup fee $25 one time fee
Disk space (MB) 100
Bandwidth / Traffic 2GB*
Unique domain name yes
ASP, SQL and PHP** Optional $2.50/mo
24 / 7 e-mail support yes
POP e-mail accounts 20
Web control panel yes
24/7 FTP updates yes
Unlimited e-mail forwarding yes
Frontpage 98/2000 support yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) yes
Detailed web statistics yes
CGI-BIN with available scripts yes
Unique CGI bin directory yes
Mailing list manager yes
Online user help yes
Raw log file access yes
24 hour network monitoring yes
Instant activation yes
Shockwave support yes
Flash support yes




* In most cases, 99% of web sites use less than 2GB of traffic per month. Additional traffic will be charged at $8.00 per GB thereafter.

** Our servers have the following OBDC drivers installed: PostgreSQL 6.5.2, MySQL 3.22.32-1, SequeLink, dBASE 5, Oracle 8, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Sybase 11, Informix 7, 9

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